Small Liko Lehua Wet-Dry Pouch

Hilo, Hawai'i

The proceeds of this pouch will go to the forest preservation of a private estate in Mountain View, Hawai'i that is home to over 20,000 healthy 'Ōhia trees. From these trees we will be harvesting millions of seeds that will be donated to the Lyon Arboretum seed bank.

Samudra's goal and participation in the project includes funding an annual seedling workshop as well as creating awareness of what Rapid 'Ōhia Death is and how an individual or organization may help stop this growing epidemic.

All leis created by the talented Meleana Estes.

Samudra x Aloha Collection

This small splash proof pouch is your best travel companion. Use as a beach clutch, inflight make up bag, or to pack your wet bikini!
Height: 6.5”
Width: 8”
Gusset: 1.5”
Material: Tyvek + plastic zipper

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