Photographer, designer, and traveller Jennifer Binney captures the prêt a surf lifestyle in Samudra. Sanskrit for the gathering of waters, Samudra represents a collaborative vision, an ebb and flow of shared creativity.

The collection's vivid, color-driven accents identify the global beach tribe along their wanderings from sand to city streets.

photo by Bailey Roberts

Jennifer lives in Lanikai on the island of Oahu with her husband Peter and two children.

Always searching for a balance between work and play Binney finds her happy place in the ocean.

photo by Takashi Tomita

Samudra is a dichotomy, with our core being tropical and our roots grounded in India the brand is a reflection of how these two worlds come together. We feel so blessed to work with generations of artisans and families to create something truly unique. Hand made with love from Jaipur. xo

photo by Tara Binek